Especially for you


    "Luxury experience" unique to imported campers

    Why don’t you enjoy a quality and special trip?


    All vehicles have a luxurious and high-quality lineup of over 10 million yen.


    Try and experience the luxury and sophisticated design space unique to foreign camper cars that cannot be found in Japanese camper cars.



    Comfort like "hotel stay"

    Experience a comfortable interior space that you couldn't taste in a conventional car!


    The most important thing about traveling by car is comfort. All the vehicles we handle are foreign-made, stylishly furnished and, in particular, the beds are as comfortable as hotel beds. We have carefully selected and offered more comfortable vehicles from the standpoint of our customers, based on experience from using many types of camper cars, such as thin mattresses and uncomfortable beds.



    Comfortable cars to support your trip

    Taste a new sense of traveling in Japan that can only be done on a car trip!


    Campers are called "motor homes" overseas, and the idea is to move around homes and rooms. Camper cars have the advantage of free travel, such as going to your favorite place while staying comfortably as if you are staying in a hotel.

    We also provide travel support for first-time customers in order to use the car without worry. In order to avoid accidents and troubles, we will assist the customers in making a suitable itinerary.



    We have vehicles based in Tokyo and Osaka!


    Fee System



    Basic Plan Fee System

    The daily fee is calculated in 24 hours. The hourly fee is 10% of the basic fee.

    * 1-hour charge is only for 1 day (24 hours) use.

    * Amount setting differs depending on the vehicle.


    1. Basic Plan (24 hours/unit)

    Date and Time: From 9.00 on July 11 to 15.00 on July 13

    Vehicle: BREEZER

    Duration: 2 nights three days


    7/11 9.00 – 1stday/ 24 hours of Basic Plan

    7/12 - 2nd day/ 24 hours of Basic Plan

    7/13 – Return day -- 3rd day/ 6 hours of the hourly fee (10% of the basic fee)



    Basic Fare (includes insurance premium)


    ¥45.000 x 2 days = ¥90.000


    Additional hours


    ¥4.500 x 6 hours additional = ¥27.000


    (Additional rate of 1 hour = Vehicle price x 10%= ¥4.500)


    Total= ¥117.000

    Consumption Tax (10%) = ¥11.700

    Grand Total= ¥128.700


    2. Discount Plan (Yutori Plan)

    Date and Time: From 18.00 on July 11 to 12.00 on July 14

    Vehicle: BREEZER

    Duration: 3 nights 4 days


    7/11 18:00 – Reserved Plan

    7/12 00:00 – 1st day/24 hours of Basic Plan

    7/13 00:00 – 2nd day/ 24 hours of Basic Plan

    7/14 00:00 – Reserved plan

    7/14 12:00 - (the return day)


    *if Departure time: 18:00 - 19:00

    Return time: 9:00 – 12:00

    Requires 1 day or more


    Basic Fare (includes insurance premium)


    ¥45.000 x 2 days = ¥90.000


    +Reserve Plan

    = ¥27.000



    Total= ¥105.000

    Consumption Tax (10%) = ¥10.500

    Grand Total= ¥115.500


    You can save ¥20.000 by using the reserve plan from the basic amount of ¥25.000 for 3 day​


    3. WEEKDAY (limited day trip plan)


    Date and time: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 19:00 on weekdays (within 10 hours)

    Vehicle: All vehicles ¥25.000 (tax excluded)

    *WEEKDAYS ONLY 10 Hours/ All vehicle: ¥25.000 yen (excluding tax)





    Cancellation fees are applicable based on the customers' convenience. But not applicable in the case of bad weather or disaster during the appointed date.

    In addition, Messages regarding cancellation received after 18:00 will be canceled the next day


    Cancellation time and price

    After application 10% of the fee

    14 to 7 days before the borrowing date 20% of the fee

    6 to 2 days before the borrowing date 50% of the fee

    Before and after the borrowing date 100% of the fee



    Car/Vehicle Insurance


    Insurance will be APPLICABLE if

    • The driver provides a legal driving license
    • When accident is immediately reported to the police (not applicable for severe accidents and violating traffic rules and regulations in Japan)
    • When the driver is not at fault for the accident (for example: technical failure)


    Compensation Amount of money Deductible amount

    Interpersonal compensation (per person) Unlimited not applicable

    Objective Compensation (per accident) Unlimited ¥100.000

    Vehicle compensation (per accident) 1 Million Yen or more ¥100.000

    Personal Injury compensation (per person) 5 Million Yen or more not applicable


    Insurance premiums are included in the Base rate


    Compensation apply during boarding (usage of the vehicle)

    In addition to self-injury accidents, ¥100.000 will be deducted for damaged equipment’s

    The above amount is per accident. Will be multiplied according to the accident occurred.

    If vehicle is stained due to carelessness and not normal use, a cleaning fee may be separately charged.




    In the event of accident, theft, break down or fouling due to carelessness, a repairing/cleaning charge will be required. The following amount is set to cover the operating time due to repairing.


    If you return to the place where you plan to drive ¥100.000

    If you cannot returned to the scheduled location ¥150.000


    COMPENSATION CHARGE (Resting Compensation)

    If the vehicle is not available for rental due to reparation after an accident, you will be charged as a part of the business compensation fee. The repair period is the number of days for repair at our designated factory.


    Price Charge per day ¥20.000


    We are based in Tokyo and Osaka!

    TOKYO BASE-Musashikosugi Station

    Access by train:     JR Musashi-Kosugi Station New South Exit (Yokosuka entrance)

    Arriving by car:     Private cars cannot be stored
    Business hours:       9:00 - 19:00

    dispatch fees:         Free

    Location: JR Musashikosugi Station New South Exit (Yokosuka Line Entrance)


    TEL : 06-4305-3218


    *Please apply from CONTACT to view the vehicle*

    TOKYO BASE-Shinagawa Station

    Access by train:      3 minutes on foot from Konan Exit of JR Shinagawa Station
    Arriving By car:     Private cars cannot be stored 
    Business hours:     9:00 - 19:00

    Delivery fee:          5.000 yen

    Location: JR Musashikosugi Station New South Exit (Yokosuka Line Entrance)


    TEL : 06-4305-3218


    *Please apply from CONTACT to view the vehicle*

    OSAKA BASE-Osaka

    Access by train:      JR Osaka Loop Line Tamatsukuri station a 5-minute walk
                                       Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line Tamatsukuri Station 3-minute walk

    Arriving by car:     possible storage for private cars (one)
    Business hours:     9:00 - 19:00

    Location: 1-26 Kojimachi Motor Pool, Tamazo Honcho, Tennoji-Ku, Osaka


    TEL : 06-4305-3218


    * Please apply from CONTACT to view vehicle*